Monday, January 16, 2012

A Stormy Start

You know what? Casting is harder than I originally thought it would be. I always knew it would be kind of difficult, but now that I have worked out the rough spots (i.e. not saying "uh" after every sentence, filling awkward time gaps... actually calling units by the right name instead of calling immortals roaches and calling roaches those things engaging en masse), it's become much more difficult to refine. I think all my guest casters would agree- it's not just as simple as sitting down and spewing out some words.

That is one thing I will be focusing on in the future of this blog- overcoming the setbacks of becoming a caster, some of the difficulties surrounding it, and probably some tips and tricks you pick up just over time.

Another thing I want to be talking about is the game itself, especially in regards to the metagame (and maybe an occasional statement on balance). For those of you who do not know, the metagame can be best described as the current state of the game. What do Terrans usually do against a Protoss opponent? Why do Zergs find mass roach so appealing? Whatever happened to super drop aggressive Terran play (and why was it put to the back-burner?). These are all examples of the metagame.

To add some actual meat to this post (mmm... steak.), I wanted to speak briefly of the usage of psi storm in PvT. I know that a lot of lower level Terran players complain of the difficulty of dealing with psi storm. It does a massive amount of damage in an area of effect (80 dmg, 1.5 radius... think the new radius of EMP), and fairly much neutralizes improperly controlled bio armies. However, Terran bio-balls are very quick and can decrease the effectiveness of storms by simply storm-dodging- running outside the radius of the storm. Now High Templars can obviously cast more storms, and yes, it will force the Terran player to retreat. But if they fall back, recoup their losses and attack again quickly, the Templar simply will not have enough energy to storm.
Okay, so storm-dodging isn't as simple as moving backwards. You have to anticipate where the storms will be dropped next and not move there, as well as not being where you are now, or where the Protoss army is. So I always recommend EMP. A couple of ghosts in your army (which, with the current metagame, should be in your army anyways vs a Protoss opponent) with Mobius Reactor will do the trick rather quickly. Drain the energy of the High Templar with the added bonus of removing 1/3 of the HP of the surrounding units and your army will quickly roll over the Protoss army, or at least force him to retreat.
Still think that's too hard? Bitch, please! Quit your whining and play a real race.

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